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gaby perrin

keyboard, vocals

  • Hails from London, England

  • Started learning piano at age 4

  • Played his first gig at age 14 (a Sheva Brachos)

  • Opened for Shalsheles in London

  • Once ran a 10k in a shark costume

  • Likes to fix things (and almost never completely destroys them)


dani shain

main vocals

  • Hails from Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Began singing and arranging music at age 3

  • Started a band at age 15

  • Reached the semi-final in Hakol Haba         (Ohad was impressed!)

  • Plays guitar, bass, percussion, and... recorder

  • Loves telling cringey dad jokes

  • Loves the stage (and the stage loves him back)

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