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"Working with Gaby and Dani was the easiest part of the wedding to arrange- exactly what we needed at a time like this. They turned a dream into a dream come true!"


—  Name, Title

Yaakov and Shiffie Coates

Daniel and Iska Teller

Tuvia and Leiba Bernstein

Jonny and Andi Abrahams

Yosef and Aleah Cohen

Shelly and Chaim Kagan

Zvi and Devora Shain

Menachem and Devora Sher

Avi and Donna Cohen

Daniel and Avigail Salter

Gavriel and Devora Aghavian

Gershon and Eliana Moskovitz

Gershon and Devorah Finestone

Itamar and Naomie Rubner

Uriel and Chana Weisman

Yossi and Ayala Jacobs

Michael and Shulamis Abramowsky

Natanel and Rena Zoldan

Shmuel and Malka Hiller

hundreds of happy clients

Rafi and Tehila Schwalbe

Ezra and Deena Amsallem

Shimmy and Nechama Barron

Yehoshua and Gayli Berman

Amitai and Michal Zaroom

Shimon and Lauren Miller

Chaim and Tsofia Cohen

Moishy and Gitty Lewis

Adam and Nechama Ballin

Naftali and Rachel Silver

Guillame and Devora Schpektor

Gavi and Alexis Gefen

Yaakov and Rikki Kay

Elazar and Rivki Werner

Binyomin and Shulamis Werner

Shmueli and Gavriella Schwartz

Simon and Elisheva Bernstein

Binyomin and Yonah Karsenty

Meir and Tehila Samberg

you get more than just music.

  • Breathe easy with our Anglo-style customer service. As our client, you'll feel heard, cared for, and respected.

  • No need to break your teeth trying to communicate in a foreign language. English is our mother tongue.

  • Delight your guests with the opportunity to have a conversation and enjoy good music at the same time- we carefully monitor our volume levels to reach that perfect balance. Because nothing is more frustrating than "WHAT? THIS MUSIC IS TOO LOUD! LET'S GO OUTSIDE TO TALK!"

your perfect event needs perfect music.

plan your perfect.

Give us a call (we’re really nice- you’ll love speaking with us).


We can set up a meeting in person, over Zoom, or over the phone.


(If you want to skip the meeting and leave it all to us, we’re happy to make the magic happen ourselves.)

meet up

We’d love to get to know you so we can make sure to deliver music to your ears.


Some of the things we’ll ask you:

  • What music styles do you prefer?

  • Which songs are your faves? Which ones make you want to run away?

  • How many musicians do you want? (From one-man-band to full stage, you decide.)

  • Are there any instruments you love in particular?

rock on

It’s time for you to enjoy the soundscape that you selected!


During the event itself we make sure to check in with you that everything is going to your satisfaction.


Our #1 priority is that you leave at the end of the event saying, “Yes! That is exactly what I wanted!”

reach out

with gd music, you take center stage.

our clients' words speak the loudest.

Transform your event from "just another party" to a

spectacular simcha